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The D-Book Series
and the world of fluency training for reading. 

Books translated into the D-Book format are laid out in single sentence paragraphs, and have been extensively re-edited and re-formatted with fluency training and the dyslexia sufferer in mind. 

Fluent reading has an athletic profile and is one of life's most important skills.  

Developing and maintaining a fluent reading style is crucial for career and personal development.

The term "Reading Stutter" has been coined to aid in the self-diagnosis of dyslexia. 

As many as one in ten teens and older adults suffer from dyslexia.

Recent research has established that the neuro-cognitive benefits of reading books, add years to life-expectancy. 

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Side by Side by America

Laid out in D-Book format, and introducing the D-Book Series, this is a collector's item featuring the autobiographies of Mary Harris Jones and Samuel Gamble Bayne between the same covers.

When America was a teenager, these two extraordinary people came to her shores, from opposite ends of Ireland, and opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Until now, their paths never crossed, but JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan feature in both life stories, from diametrically opposite perspectives.  

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Jane Eyre

A book that changed the lives of so many neurotypical readers, is now available in D-Book Format to change the lives of neurodiverse readers who sit at various positions on the dyslexia spectrum.

The neuro-cognitive benefits of overcoming a reading disability can improve quality of life and add years of productive life-expectancy. 

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The Life of Charlotte Brontë

The D-Book translation of Elizabeth Gaskell's acclaimed biography of her friend Charlotte Brontë, contains sensational new insights into the life of a writing genius who will be around as long as romantic life on planet Earth, is still viable.

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The Valley of the Squinting Windows

Set in Ireland in the last century, this salutary dystopian tale provides some astonishingly powerful insights into how collective societal hatred and religious bullying, can become like a corrosive heritage, that drives the caring forces of decency into hiding.

The D-Book translation of this book promises to help open up the author's mission to shine a light on demonic darkness.  

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D-Book Edition


The D-Book translation of James Joyce’s “Dubliners” showcases his world-class credentials as an “impressionist writer”.

As one of the world’s most popular and accessible collection of short stories, Dubliners is quirky, insane, charming, and has more layers than an observational onion, learning how to cry. 

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Published in D-Book Format

The People's Princess of China

A "Movie-In-A-Book" in D-Book Format. 

In May of 2018, romantic comedy sent a beautiful rookie journalist from "The China Daily News" to cover Prince Harry's royal wedding to the stunning Meghan Markle. 

Pandemonium breaks loose when the assistant editor at the China Daily News mis-hears the word "Royal", and accidentally sends her rookie journalist to "Boyle" in County Roscommon, Ireland, where, by an appalling coincidence, Irish-American heart-throb, Harry O'Toole, is on the point of being duped into a shot-gun wedding. 

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